About Us

Do people actually ever click on an About Us page?  We have a wager going here at our office as to whether or not anyone would actually read this page.  One person wanted to just post something goofy, another said to just leave it blank and see if anyone noticed, and someone else suggested that we should offer a free card to anyone who mentions #AboutEffin on Twitter or Instagram.  I like that idea, so prove us wrong and show us that you actually read this page looking for information about us, and we'll send you a card of your choice. 

And if you are here because you care about who we are, we're 4 people somehow part of the same family but scattered all over the country.  Two in Austin (we'll call that the world Effin headquarters), one in Seattle, and one in Columbus (Ohio of course... sorry Georgia, your Columbus doesn't count).  All of us enjoy puns and have a goofy sense of humor that you will see in various products around the site. 

We're just starting out this new business venture to see if we can build something fun, and if you're here and care enough to read this page, then maybe we have a chance to do just that.  We like to have fun and make things that we would want ourselves, and we look forward to making more and more fun things for you as well. 

- Bon AppeTito's (shoutout to our favorite alcohol, Austin's own Tito's vodka)

Have a great day, from every Effin one of us. 


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