Jesus Birthday Party - 12 Pack Holiday Cards

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It's a little known fact that the cake smashing video pranks that you see everywhere these days actually started as a Christmas tradition with a prank on Jesus himself at his own birthday party - aka Christmas - waaaay back 2000+ years ago.

With all that wine around, it was probably easy for things to get out of hand at that party.  Which reminds me of another holiday tradition... drinking!

At least we think that's how it went. 

Anyway, as the inside of this cards reads... Cheers to getting smashed this holiday season!

And as we like to say... when you think about the holidays the way we think about the holidays, you send everyone you know an Effin Card!

Only need one of these cards to send to someone? We've got your back there as well.  Find the Jesus Birthday Smash Cake card  available as one card here.

*Illustrated by the talented Sarah Butcher

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